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A Family Tradition of Giving Back


Top row, from left: Dean Papadopoulos ’83, Thomas Johnson, Alexander Papandreou and William Papadopoulos ’92; Middle row: Nicholas Papadopoulos, Cassidy Papadopoulos (Dean’s wife), Helena Papadopoulos Johnson ’82, Mrs. C.N. (Maria) Papadopoulos, Christina Papadopoulos Papandreou ’88, Pamela Papadopoulos (William’s wife) and Maria A. Papadopoulos '27 (sitting on lap); Bottom row: Will Johnson ’25, Anna Maria Johnson ’18, Aphrodite Papandreou ’22, Christos Papandreou ’18 and Mary Papandreou ’25

The Papadopoulos family has been a generous supporter of several important programs at Kinkaid for many years. Helena Papadopoulos Johnson '82, a member of the Kinkaid alumni board and the parent of two current Kinkaid students, discusses the proud legacy created by her parents, C.N. and Maria Papadopoulos.

Why does your family hold Kinkaid so dear?
A. Kinkaid holds a special place in our hearts because we were taught that an education is comprised of much more than textbooks and tests. A true education shapes all aspects of a young person's life, and Kinkaid's emphasis on the whole child is unique.

Talk about your father's path to the United States and the value he placed on education.
A. Our father, the late Dr. C.N. Papadopoulos, came to the United States as a young student seeking a better life through his education. He knew that an education along with the willingness and opportunity to work would ensure his future success. He often said that he owed everything to the college that accepted him as a foreign student from Greece, and he never forgot the opportunity that he had been given.

Explain why your family is so generous to Kinkaid and what the key programs you have supported mean to your family.
A. Our father was a lifelong, ardent and generous supporter of his college, and when he and our mother, Maria, began their association with Kinkaid in the early '70s, they recognized how truly special a place Kinkaid is and began to support it as well. As my brothers, Dean '83 and William '92, and my sister, Christina Papadopoulos Papandreou '88, and I navigated through Kinkaid, C.N. and Maria engaged in several projects, including the establishment of the Papadopoulos Biology Endowment, which underwrites special expenditures in the biology department, and the James N. Papadopoulos Biology Endowment, named in honor of my uncle, which brings renowned scientists to campus each year to speak to and interact with Upper School biology students for a day.

More recently, the C.N. and Maria Papadopoulos Charitable Foundation established the C.N. and Maria Papadopoulos Leadership Scholarship. The Foundation has also made a substantial grant to the Tomorrow's Promise Capital Campaign, which will further Kinkaid's mission to educate the whole child.

Our mother, Maria, is excited and proud that the next generation is now making its way through Kinkaid and, together with the rest of the family, looks forward to continuing the legacy of C.N. Papadopoulos.

Margaret Hunter Kinkaid Society

The Margaret Hunter Kinkaid Society was founded in 1997 to preserve Kinkaid's future. It was established in honor of Kinkaid's founder and first head of school. The Society recognizes and thanks those who have created provisions in their wills or estate plans to benefit Kinkaid and have informed the School of their commitments.

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