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Creating a Bond for Life

Sheila and Tad Mayfield

Tad and Sheila Mayfield ’81 have included Kinkaid in their estate plan.

Sheila and Tad Mayfield ’81 cherish the close bonds they have made through the years at The Kinkaid School.

The School is privileged to have educated three generations of this family beginning with Tad’s mother, Patti ’57, then his siblings, Lydia Mayfield Abbott ’78, Trey Mayfield ’80, Tom Dunlap ’80, Nancy Dunlap Fisk ’82, Ellen Dunlap Ohmstede ’85, Joanie Dunlap Filippone (fs) and his two sons, Walt ’11 and Mike ’12.

Both Tad and his father, Jack Mayfield, have served as Chairman of the Board of Trustees. Sheila was a tireless and dedicated volunteer while her sons attended Kinkaid. She co-chaired the Auction in 2010 and also served as Co-President of the Parents Association. During her tenure, she helped implement some important changes including the introduction of online volunteer opportunities.

The Mayfields feel those relationships developed at Kinkaid are like ‘a band of brothers and sisters.’

“A Kinkaid class is a lifelong family who together have gone through an exceptionally rigorous and challenging academic, athletic and artistic curriculum. This creates a bond for life. To this day, my fellow classmates are an integral component of my support system,” says Tad.

Sheila agrees as she “deeply appreciates the ongoing friendships with Kinkaid parents. They are the best!”

As important, they also feel strongly about the quality of education Kinkaid provides. Tad says, “Kinkaid teachers are second to none and propel our students years ahead, providing them with a well-rounded educational tool box filled with core values and work ethics. This instills a skill set for lifelong learning and contribution to society.”

Sheila agrees and adds, “The teachers demonstrate commitment to students both in their academic careers and on a personal level, by helping and nurturing through as many iterations as needed for learning achievement.”

Tad fondly recalls a teacher, Alicia Woodhams, who had great influence on him. “She found the key that unlocked my hidden potential. With daily tutoring, I was able to get back on track. She really cared, and I was one of the many lives that were changed from her domino effect.”

They feel the same way about their sons’ experience where they earned the Kinkaid educational tool box which has been instrumental to both their successful careers. “It gives Sheila and me great satisfaction and a feeling of thanks to Kinkaid for its many fine and caring teachers who helped make this happen.”

The family has generously supported Kinkaid and its mission. Tad shares “My grandmother felt so strongly about Kinkaid that she bequeathed her house to Kinkaid! My family could never give back more than what we have received, but we certainly can give back. One’s estate is an ideal place to do so and it gives Sheila and me peace of mind that we will continue to make a lasting difference in the lives of so many.”

It’s easy to join the Mayfields and include The Kinkaid School in your estate; it can be as simple as adding a single sentence to your will. To discuss the types of gifts available, or ways your gift can be put to use, please reach out to Lisa Wood at or 713-243-5023 today.

Margaret Hunter Kinkaid Society

The Margaret Hunter Kinkaid Society was founded in 1997 to preserve Kinkaid's future. It was established in honor of Kinkaid's founder and first head of school. The Society recognizes and thanks those who have created provisions in their wills or estate plans to benefit Kinkaid and have informed the School of their commitments.

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