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Reflections After a 50th Reunion

Steve Lasher '66 on the Past, Present and Future of Kinkaid

Steve Lasher '66 (back row, second from right) celebrates his 50th Reunion with his classmates from Kinkaid.

Steve Lasher '66 (back row, second from right) celebrates his 50th Reunion with his classmates from Kinkaid.

It has been 50 years since he graduated from Kinkaid, but Steve Lasher '66 still feels a connection to Kinkaid. He served on the board of the School, the retirement committee and on the endowment board, is the father of Dr. Andrew Lasher '91 and Kit Lasher Ballenger (fs '94), and has contributed many gifts of his time and treasure to support the School.

After hosting his 50th Reunion Class Party at his home, we caught up with Steve who recounted some of his favorite memories of Kinkaid and where he sees the School heading in the future.

He says, "Kinkaid was the foundation of my education. I played football, baseball and basketball, ran track and learned the importance of being part of a team—that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts."

The team that he was a part of while at Kinkaid has now become a larger Kinkaid community that is an integral part of Steve's life now.

Living in Houston, Steve still frequently sees some of his classmates, but at his 50th Reunion in April he saw friends who were so important in his formative years, who he had not seen in decades!

"Everyone had a wonderful time reconnecting—sharing good wine, 50 years of history and treasured friendship," Steve says.

Steve can also see that Kinkaid has great opportunities for the future.

Steve Lasher ‘66 and Walt Burnap '66 celebrate their 50th Reunion.

Steve Lasher ‘66 and Walt Burnap '66 celebrate their 50th Reunion.

"Kinkaid is rededicated to excellence in the delivery of foundational education," he says. "We need to assure that Kinkaid adapts to change, while maintaining its connection to families that were critical to its past successes, and that are important to its future."

Another important pillar of Kinkaid as we move into the future is the past and present generosity of the entire community. Steve believes that this kind of giving spirit is a model for the nation, and he chooses to support the School financially for many reasons.

"I will always be grateful to Kinkaid for what I learned, for the lifelong friendships that continue to bring me great joy, and for Kinkaid's valuable contributions to training the future leaders of the city that I love," Steve says.

If Kinkaid has touched your life, please consider including a gift in your estate plan and visit our website to explore your gift options today.

Margaret Hunter Kinkaid Society

The Margaret Hunter Kinkaid Society was founded in 1997 to preserve Kinkaid's future. It was established in honor of Kinkaid's founder and first head of school. The Society recognizes and thanks those who have created provisions in their wills or estate plans to benefit Kinkaid and have informed the School of their commitments.

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